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Kili wallpaper 05 :iconhappinessismusic:HappinessIsMusic 15 6 The Hobbit - Kili :iconrockintensse:RockIntensse 2 0 fili :icontiabella:Tiabella 12 0 Thorin Oakenshield :iconoliveartstation:OliveArtStation 21 6 Brotherhood is our legacy :iconkarew:Karew 34 7 Fili and Kili :icondaaria:DaaRia 45 6 Fallen son of Durin :iconkarew:Karew 18 31 WIP: guess who :iconkarew:Karew 1 0
Fili x Reader: Snowball Fight
“(Y/n), Fili, Kili, go gather some firewood so we don’t freeze tonight,” Thorin barked.
You looked up to the brothers who shrugged and stood. You pulled your heavy coat tighter around you as the cold wind nipped at any bare skin. You had been keeping your head down in attempt to shield your face from the snow, but when you looked up, the boys were nowhere to be seen.
“Fili, Kili where did you wander off to?” you called out.
After a few moments of silence you rolled your eyes, giving up on them for the time being, and settled for finding firewood like Thorin had requested. With your arms full of wood you began walking back to the camp. You had walked through the parting in the trees and gave a small smile to Gandalf who was standing, talking to Thorin, about twenty feet from you and had noticed you had come back. You set down the firewood and headed back out into the forest to attempt to find the young dwarves.
After walking around for a few more minutes yo
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Fili x Reader: Jealous
Fili watched as his little brother taught you how to shoot a bow a few feet away from him. You had a determined look on your face and your tongue poked out between your lips in concentration. A quick scowl came over his face and he clenched his jaw when Kili moved up right behind you so that his chest was to your back as he helped you with your stance as you nocked the arrow and pulled back on the bowstring. Kili leaned forward and whispered something in your ear and you released the arrow and sent it to the center of the target. He cracked a smile at your celebration. You cheered and hugged Kili, thanking him for teaching you, unaware that Fili was making his way back to camp. He was angry with himself, he had never had ill feelings towards his brother, but he couldn’t help but feel jealous and he hated it. He came through the tree line and sighed in relief when he saw that you and Kili hadn’t come back yet. Bofur noticed him come back to the grounds and frowned when he sa
:iconvivivangogh:ViviVanGogh 282 31
A Special Delivery - Fili x Reader
Finally. After several hours of pushing and immense pain, you welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world. As the wife of a prince of Durin, it was expected of you to give your husband a male heir, but you knew Fili would be just as happy with a daughter as well.
You had been in Rivendell visiting Lady Arwen, whom you had befriended on your journey to Erebor, when you had gone into labor. Arwen had rushed you to the Healing Halls as Fili stood by feeling helpless. He had not been allowed in the room for the delivery so he had been pacing the halls since you entered the room.
The door opened and Fili stopped his pacing. Arwen approached him and gestured for him to enter. “Lady Y/N has someone for you to meet.”
"Thank you, my lady." He replied and slowly entered the room.
You laid on the bed, looking beautiful but exhausted with a big smile on your face, holding a small bundle in your arms. “Come here, my love, and meet your son.”
Fili’s eyes widened and
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Replaced - Fili x Reader
"I had no idea, (Y/n). I mean, yes I saw he favored you a lot. But I did not know how serious it really was. We all thought he was just being protective of the only woman in the group and saw it as normal. By his expression alone, there was no way to tell." Said Bilbo to you, as it seemed the rest of the dwarves were avoiding you, and you were back to starting from scratch. 
"To be honest, his corresponding my feeling took me by surprise. I truly love him for who he is. His title matters not to me. I am the same (Y/n) you all know, this changes nothing." You said, looking down with sadness while helping peel potatoes for the mid day meal. 
"I know you well enough, (Y/n). You do not need to explain yourself to me." responded Bilbo sympathetically.  
"Thank you, Bilbo." You said, smiling at him. 
At that moment, the Durin brothers passed you by. Both of you greeted them, but they only returned the greeting to Bilbo, ignoring you completely. It made you feel worthless.
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The Healer's Student-Fili X Reader-Chapter 21
Lettering Guide (in case you didn't know already) :
Normal lettering=normal narrative
Normal lettering in parentheses=character speaking (obviously)
Bold lettering=author's notes
Italic=memories, flashbacks, inner thoughts, hypothetical thinking, etc.
Bold Italics=character speaking in different language (because I'm too lazy to write down the actual language, or learn it)
Caps lock=character shouting

Just so we're clear. :D (Big Grin) 

Don't Let Go!

Wargs! Again! Why does this keep on happening?!
Of course, you didn't hesitate to obey Gandalf's orders to run. You and the others started running down the mountain as fast as you could. You looked back only once and found, to your utter terror, that some of the Wargs were right on top of you. One of them was right on your heels, snapping at you, ready to rip you apart. Suddenly, you lost your footing and tripped, tumbling along the ground. The Warg th
:iconbeautyandstrength:BeautyAndStrength 54 24
The Healer's Student-Fili X Reader-Chapter 20
Chases & Escapes

"Thorin! No!" You screamed in terror. Thorin looked at you for a moment, seemingly surprised to hear you calling his name. But his attention was quickly reverted back to the goblin who was holding a knife to his throat, ready to take his head off. You tried to get up and run to his aid, along with everyone else. But you were barely off the ground when suddenly you were grabbed from behind, and right away you recognized the foul stench of the Goblin King as he pulled you close to his disgusting, bloated body. You turned and glared up at him as you struggled to escape his hold, but to no avail.
"On second thought, I think I'll keep you for myself." He said. His hold on you got tighter and an instant wave of panic swept over you. 
Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a massive explosion of bright light followed by a huge shock wave that ripped through the throne room. You were knock to the ground along with everyone else and luckily lan
:iconbeautyandstrength:BeautyAndStrength 57 21
The Healer's Student-Fili X Reader-Chapter 19
Warning: Contains pervy goblins, and ....SCROTUM BEARDS!! DUN-DUN-DUN!!! Huh?! 

The Goblin King


He was a very hideous creature, very hideous indeed. Large and obese, with greasy, scaly warts all over his body and some sort of flabby growth hanging off of his chin. His eyes were big and bloodshot, his hair was thin and straggly and he had a crown made out of horns on his head. He was the most hideous creature you had ever seen and the very sight of him made you sick. He let out a loud, hacking, wet cough as strange music started to play.
"I feel a song coming on." He said. Then he started to sing.
Snip snap, the black crack
Grip, grab, pinch and nab
Batter and beat, make em stammer and squeak
Pound pound, far underground
Down down down in Goblin Town
With a swish and a smack, and a whip and a crack
Everyone talks when they're on our rack
:iconbeautyandstrength:BeautyAndStrength 48 21

Group Info

Welcome !
This group is the fan club of the awesome brothers Fili and Kili from the Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey !

All the art related to Kili, Fili, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Ring are welcomed !

Please make sure to read the rules

Enjoy your stay

Kili and Fili are the youngest characters of the thirteens of the community.

All the art related to Kili, Fili, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Ring are welcomed !

Please make sure to read the rules

Enjoy your stay

Kili and Fili are the youngest characters of the thirteens
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 12, 2012


Group Focus
Fan Club

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Hello !

:bulletred: Join us

- Just click on Join the group, don't be shy !
- All fans of Kili & Fili, and of course, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Ring are welcome ~

:bulletred: Submit Art

- To submit your art, you have to firstly, be a member.
- Please, submit into the right folders ~ If you don't, we'll replace it as soon as we can but it will be easier if you can do it yourself ~
- Are accepted : fanart, fanfiction ( as long it's related to Fili or Kili, yes ! ), cosplay, etc ...
- We do not accept art if it's not YOURS. Please, submit your own art ~
- Any mature content or Slash will go to the Slash Folder, please ! (FilixKili, Thorin etc ...)
- We don't accept more than 1 WIP for the same art
- You want a new folder ? Just send a note to the founder, I don't bite and are happy to answer your questions ~

:bulletred: Suggest a Fave

- You can suggest a fave at the top of the page, feel free to show your art !
- We don't always fave ~

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- You can ask an affiliate with us ~
- We accept all affiliations as long as the group is related to Kili, Fili, The Hobbit, The Lord of The Ring ...

:bulletred: Contributors [ CLOSED ]

- You can ask to be a Contributor, but you have to have already submitted one of your deviation in our group ! Or at least, have the intention to submit one.
- The number of contributors is limited to three, we'll unlimited its number maybe when the group'll be bigger !
- At least, be a fan of Kili and Fili ! c:

:bulletred: Members

- Please, be nice and respect everyone.
- If there are problems between members, just tell us :3
- And lastly ... ENJOY !

Show the world the awesomeness of the great Kili and Fili !

Sorry for my english, I'm French

( Fan of Thorin ? Here's the group c: )









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